Thursday, April 29, 2010

Soundtracker featured in IndieWIRE's "In the Works" Column

This appeared in today's “In the Works” column on IndieWIRE. “In the Works” is a weekly column taking a look at upcoming films, in addition to projects in production. It spotlights films in development, as well completed films that are taking creative paths towards distribution and occasionally ventures away from films to look at other types of projects, such as interesting new film distribution, funding, or exhibition mechanisms.

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About the film: Filmmaker Nicholas Sherman worked together with “Hoop Dreams” producer Frederick Marx on a documentary in the Himalayas and was inspired to direct his own film, one focused on the natural world but with a strong human element. When he read about Gordon Hempton in the newspaper, he found his subject and quickly made arrangements to accompany him into the field and unobtrusively (and quietly!) film his activities. Sherman explains: “It was sort of like shooting a nature film about a rarely seen animal, a snow leopard or something – only in this case our snow leopard was the soundtracker.”

Current status: The project is nearly complete, and will be premiering next week at Hot Docs and then moving on to other festival engagements. Producers are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to cover the post-production costs, including a sound mix, color correction, and some clearances for archival footage.

For more information and to support the film: As with all Kickstarter campaigns, the filmmakers will not receive any donations unless they meet their fundraising goal of $5000 by their May 15th deadline.

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