Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some highlights from the last few weeks of press clippings...

"Sherman´s beautifully photographed portrait of the Soundtracker combines both Hempton´s scientific and spiritual qualities in a delicate mix that occasionally touches on the sublime...Hempton is silence´s relentless defender, and director Nicholas Sherman´s film captures his charming and mysterious essence with aplomb."
Chris Long, DVD Town

"Movies are mostly about watching, but this one gets you thinking about listening... by the time this visually splendid film is over, you'll be listening to your world with a new awareness."
Robert W. Butler, The Kansas City Star, Mo.

"Soundtracker" resonates with a delicate beauty. Hempton's pursuit is noble; his pain being away from his kids, palpable; and the climax of the film — yes, there is one — unexpectedly touching."
Rod Lott, OK Gazette


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